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Monday, February 6th, 2023 2:33 AM


Secure Family not blocking Instagram or internet

I set-up Secure Family for my daughters phone with the hope of blocking Instagram and cutting the internet at night. This immediately did NOT work. Ive read a lot of people stating they're having the same issues. AT&T chat support told me to uninstall and reinstall the apps from both phones, including Instagram from hers. Ive done everything and it still doesn't work. I just cant understand how they even justifying charging for this at all. We're paying enough for coverage, and on top of that the app has hardly any features and doesn't even work. Does anyone have any idea how i can get this situated. 

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10 months ago

The only way to prevent a kid from getting around parental controls after hours is take the phone.  My kids were required to leave them outside their door at night. 

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4 months ago

I understand your frustration with Secure Family not working as expected. When dealing with issues like this, it's essential to follow a systematic approach to troubleshoot and resolve the problem. Here are some steps you can take:

1. **Confirm Device Compatibility:** Ensure that both your daughter's phone and your phone are compatible with the Secure Family app. Check the app's requirements and supported devices.

2. **Update the App:** Make sure you are using the latest version of the Secure Family app on both devices. Outdated apps can sometimes cause compatibility issues.

3. **Check Parental Control Settings:** Verify that you have correctly configured the blocking settings for Instagram and internet access in the Secure Family app. Double-check the schedule and restrictions you've set up.

4. **Test Blocking on Other Apps:** Try blocking access to other apps or websites temporarily to see if the issue is specific to Instagram and internet access or if it's a broader problem with blocking capabilities.

5. **Restart Devices:** Reboot both your daughter's phone and your phone after making any changes to ensure that the new settings take effect.

6. **Contact AT&T Support Again:** If the issue persists, reach out to AT&T Support again and explain the steps you've taken to troubleshoot the problem. Ask for more specific assistance or consider escalating the issue to a higher support level.

7. **Check for System Updates:** Ensure that both phones have the latest operating system updates installed. Sometimes, updating the OS can resolve compatibility issues.

8. **Consider Alternative Solutions:** If Secure Family continues to not work as expected, consider exploring other parental control apps or solutions available on the market.

9. **Online Community Forums:** Search for online forums or communities where other users might have encountered similar issues and found solutions. You might find helpful tips from other parents who have faced similar challenges.

10. **Seek Third-Party Expertise:** If all else fails, you may want to consult with a tech-savvy friend or hire a professional who has experience with parental control apps to help troubleshoot the issue.

Remember that technology can be complex, and sometimes, issues might arise due to various factors. By taking a systematic approach and seeking assistance when needed, you improve your chances of finding a solution that works for you and your daughter's device.

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2 months ago

It seems like you're facing issues with the Secure Family app from AT&T, specifically in blocking Instagram and cutting off internet access at night for your daughter's phone. Despite following AT&T chat support's advice to uninstall and reinstall apps, including Instagram, the problem persists. You're frustrated with the app's functionality and the additional charges for it. You're looking for suggestions on how to resolve this situation.

To address this issue:

1. **Contact AT&T Customer Support:** Continue to reach out to AT&T's customer support to report the ongoing problem. Clearly state the steps you've taken so far and express your dissatisfaction with the service.

2. **Request a Refund or Credit:** If the app is not working as advertised, consider requesting a refund or a credit for the charges related to the Secure Family app. Explain the issues you've faced and the inconvenience it has caused.

3. **Alternative Parental Control Solutions:** While you work on resolving the issue with AT&T, you can explore alternative parental control solutions that may provide more reliable features. There are several third-party parental control apps available for both Android and iOS devices.

4. **Check for Updates:** Ensure that both your and your daughter's phones have the latest software updates, including app updates. Sometimes, issues are resolved through software updates.

5. **Online Forums and Communities:** Seek advice from online forums or communities where users might have faced similar issues with the Secure Family app. They may provide workarounds or solutions based on their experiences.

6. **Escalate the Issue:** If your initial attempts to resolve the problem do not yield results, consider escalating the issue within AT&T's customer support hierarchy or exploring other escalation channels, such as social media or executive customer service.

Remember to maintain a polite and patient demeanor when dealing with customer support representatives, as it can often help expedite the resolution process.

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2 months ago

Wow, not one, but two AI chatbots.

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