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Friday, January 15th, 2021 3:51 AM

New Family Plan

I want to buy a family plan with AT&T. Can someone answer the following questions with specific numbers.

1. We are 10 friends using AT&T monthly package. If we get into a plan, what's the best deal in $/month.

2. What are the incentives like data? Hotspot ? HBO? Netflix ? Disney+ ?

3. Do all of us have to get a new sim card or with the current AT&T sim cards we can get into the plan ?

4. Our current monthly package is expiring on 1st Feb, will we get a reimbursement for that in any way if we enroll today ?

5. What is the due date to pay ?

6. Is a single person responsible for paying the bills for all.

7. How to add people to the plan ?

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3 years ago

1. The plan depends on how much data you need.

AT&T Wireless Plans

You can check pricing there.

2. Depends on which plan you pick.

3. If you already have AT&T sim cards, you should not need new ones.

4. You will not be reimbursed for any plans that are cancelled. It is best to move all members to a current account and modify the account.

5. The due date will stay the same if you move everyone to current account.

6. Usually, the primary holder is responsible for account payment.

7. To add people to plan, if they are already on AT&T, they file a transfer of billing responsibility to you and you accept the transfer.

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3 years ago

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