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Tuesday, May 21st, 2024 6:57 PM

International Day Pass and Wi-Fi Calling

Should I turn off Wi-Fi Calling if I am overseas (in an IDP country), am using an International Day Pass, and am making calls back to the USA? I've read some statements by customers saying that Wi-Fi Calling calls made overseas to the US (or to other IDP countries) may be handled and billed by AT&T as international calls, even if a customer is using an IDP during the 24 hours that the Wi-Fi call was made, since the Wi-Fi calls may be routed to a non-cellular network. Please advise. Thanks!

ACE - Scholar


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27 days ago

When you are using wi-fi calling in a country where ATT supports wi-fi calling, calls to other US numbers are included as if you were in the US and calling those US number.

Calls to IDP countries using Wi-Fi calling would be the international long distance unless you have a plan.

What I don't know is if you doing wi-fi calling and you haven't triggered IDP for that 24 hours yet (since you are on wi-fi).  But if you had triggered IDP, then called on Wi-FI, if ATT charged you I would contact them when the bill came and complain.

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27 days ago

No, do not turn off WiFi calling. WiFi calling back to the US is treated as if you are still in the US. 

If your phone is unlocked and dual SIM (physical and eSIM) purchasing a local SIM for local calls and data could be less expensive than the IDP daily rate. You could turn off the AT&T line and use the local SIM and turn on the AT&T line only for WiFi calling back to the US. This is my procedure and have yet to incur an IDP charge with a local SIM. 

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27 days ago

But, to be clear:

1) Have IDP enabled to avoid expensive accidents where you use roaming when you do not intend to,

2) Use Airplane mode to disable your cell radio and then enable WI-Fi for Wi-Fi calling

3) Use Wi-Fi calling with your AT&T SIM if you want to make or receive calls using your US number at no additional charge

4) Acquire a local SIM if your phone is unlocked and you want to be able to be free of the Wi-Fi calling leash.

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