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Fri, Jan 24, 2020 4:13 AM

I want to know if anyone have every had an issue with getting a refund back

I need to know what’s going on because I requested for a locksmith to come out to come make a key in which they told me that I had to pay first so I trusted at&t to be able to find me a reputable locksmith I had someone come out and they told me they had to come back because they didn’t have the right tool so I’m like okay common thing to happen so I let it go and then after that they came back like they said they would and this time the man told me he had to come back again because he didn’t bring the right device to program so at that point I started getting even more frustrated off of the situation. In which I was like okay maybe it will actually get fixed this time. Another man came and then told me that there is something wrong with the ECU the chip won’t connect because I have to bring it to a dealership to have them reprogram my whole computer system. MIND YOU this is for a 2003 Nissan Altima. I brough it to Nissan the guy told me that the key that was made isn’t working in which I now have to pay the dealership money so they can make brand new key. Had I known this was the case I would’ve brought my car to the dealership to begin with. So I called the locksmith who then told me that they would have a supervisor review my file and give me a call. I’ve called this place 5x still no supervisor. I called at&t to see if there is anything they can do on their end and all they told me was they are just dispatchers and it’s out of their hands. So I’m like okay cool I’ll just wait for a call from them. So I get tired of waiting and then I called again to see who I even got the road side from all they could tell me is that they are called 24 hour roadside. And now I’m even more livid because I’m looking this company up and I can’t find them anywhere there’s a bunch of places that have 24 hours service on it but these companies actually have names on it. Now I feel like I got scammed out of my money and why would they ask for a payment before even coming to see if they can fix my issue. I need help because I did not pay 254 for no reason they took my money and ran. I wouldn’t recommend at&t roadside to anyone their customer service (Edited per community guidelines) and it seemed like I was always talking to the same person every single time and it seemed like they had an attitude because I kept calling only to ask questions.


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