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Sun, Sep 13, 2020 3:11 AM

How to check Wireless plan's current Hotspot Usage? Oh, never mind, this is AT&T. You can't do that here.

I've been on the phone for hours, twice, with AT&T support folks, and, have tried using the Logs tool in My AT&T app.




Even the AT&T support people couldn't produce the current Hotspot usage for me. Only the overall usage is ever shown, and this number apparently includes combined Unlimited and Hotspot data as nearly as I, and AT&T support personnel, can discern.


I work from home and this is my only internet connection. It would be great if I could know how much Hotspot Data I have used at any time during the billing period SO THAT I DON'T USE IT ALL UP AND CAN NO LONGER REMOTE IN TO WORK.


Searching this forum I have seen that people have been asking for this information for many years. What the actual eff???? Can AT&T ask a developer to add it to the My AT&T app already?


Having just come from T-Mobile, I'm used to being able to know exactly where I stand on Hotspot Usage throughout the billing period.


This SNAFU reminds me why I left AT&T before. Would you like that I take my business elsewhere again?


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a month ago

Thank you for reaching out @us3rn4me.


We want you to know that we value you as a customer and would be sad to see you go!


At this time, our view hotspot usage is the best way to track your data usage since your last bill.


We understand that in these times keeping a connection while working from home is very important.


To make sure you have enough data left for work, you are more than welcome to setup usage alerts which can found in the information provided above.


Please let us know how this helps!


Vincent, AT&T Community Specialist

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a month ago



Have you actually tried to follow those steps in My AT&T? If so, please post a screenshot that shows you successfully found the Hotspot Data Usage log.


While logged into My AT&T, under "My services" there is a "See all usage" button. It is not labeled "Usage" as described in the link you posted. I had attempted all of these steps PRIOR TO CALLING SUPPORT.


When I click on that, it goes to a page labeled "Usage" and by default the current billing period is selected. It shows all usage for both lines on the bill.


I can also expand the "+" beside my phone's account, to "View more usage details."


Having done that, I select "Data, text & talk logs" as suggested. Then, on the "Show" dropdown, I choose "Mobile Hotspot Data" and get an error message as follows:


"Note: No Mobile hotspot data results found.


Finished searching, but didn't find any results?

It could be your device

  • Doesn't have any usage to view
  • Is older, so we can't track your usage
  • Is new and is due for a firmware update so we can track your usage."

After having hit this wall, I called for Support.

If you had read my original post you might have figured out on your own that after having made two separate support calls lasting hours that AT&T support team members might have already tried the obvious suggestion which you have offered.


One support member even tried to get this to work on their own account and it failed as well. They then tried their husband's account with the same result.




Before you inquire, this is regarding a Samsung Galaxy S8 (unlocked) that was able to flawlessly report hotspot data for the T-Mobile App.


Regarding the "Usage Alerts"; that is a fool's errand as the "usage" used to trigger the alert is the total usage for all lines on the account and includes both Unlimited and Hotspot data for both lines. Having that alert set is in no way helpful toward letting me know that my line's Hotspot data usage has reached any particular level as that data is lost within the total data that the alert references.


Any more ideas?



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a month ago

@ATTHelp , read above and respond.


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