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Sunday, January 8th, 2023 11:58 PM

help porting number

We had a prepaid wireless home phone from ATT Gophone since the $20 fee was
much cheaper than the landline $43. In early 2022 we were informed that the
3G service for our home device would no longer work and they (Gophone) sent
us another unit. It apparently had a malfunction that would prevent the
home phone from working and they had no other units that they could send to
replace it. However, they found a fix which was to forward calls for that
home phone number to my cell phone. That worked so that we would not miss
any calls. Then in December I wanted to give up my cell number and use my
home number- just port that home number to my cell phone. At a local ATT
store they tried and said it was unsuccessful and the employees could not
tell me what was wrong or how it could be fixed. They did give me a number
to call and after a long hold I spoke to a rep who said they needed to add
a $38 charge to port a number to my cell. I approved and they said to visit
ATT store to finalize the procedure. That ATT store was unsucessful and
refused to help any further. I went to a second local ATT store who were
also unsuccessful and likewise unhelpful (meaning that they can do no more
if their procedures do not work- there is no supervisor or higher-up that
they can consult).
Since they were unable to port the number I visited a T-Mobile store who said
they could do it. They gave me a sim and a number and tried to port my
home number unsuccessfully. Their technical troubleshooting said the reason
was a block on porting that number. They gave me a number to call for
removing a block. After a long verification procedure the rep said that block
was removed. But another try by T- Mobile gave the same result with their
tech troubleshooting saying it was blocked. Another call to the unblocking
rep but after same long verification and promise that it was unblocked the
T-Mobile people had the same result. THeir tech said that sometimes after
unblocking they send a text for response and if that is the case it is a
Catch-22 since the home phones cannot receive texts.
At the same time as all this happened, the forwarding of the home number
stopped. So I called the prepaid wireless people that originally set up the
forwarding. The rep said he could do it but when he tried he said that his
procedure didn't work so that something was blocking his control. Called the
unblocking number again. Same as before they insist that they did all they
could do and cannot tell whether a number is blocked. Also they have no
supervisor or higher-up that they can consult if their procedure does not
I have made more than 12 calls to prepaid wireless 1-866-975-0050
Three calls to unblocking 1-866-563-4705
Four calls to tech support 1-800-331-0500
Two calls to prepaid 1-800-901-9878
I made an online complaint to FCC about portability block- they said it was
forwarded to ATT but so far no response and no suggestions of where to call
or visit to solve. Government departments have Inspectors General for
problems that seem to have no solution but not ATT.
Can anyone help with either the forwarding or the unblocking or the porting?

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