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Wed, Jan 29, 2014 4:45 PM

Galaxy S4 and city id

Ok I've had this phone since just after they came out with att.. Two days ago I get a message that my 30 day trial is over and I now have to pay for city id. Number 1 why now, I've certainly had this phone more than 30 days. Two why should/would I pay for something I don't use or really wamt? Three why can't I remove it from my phone? Has anyone else had this issue? I found lots of info but only regarding Verizon


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7 years ago

Hi jmclark45,


If you don't pay for the service it will fall off your phone. You can't remove it, but you should be able to into the application manager in settings to disable it off your phone, its part of the software that Samsung includes with all new phones and blocks it from being removed. You can call into Customer Care and they will be able block it from charging you.





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6 years ago

If you want to delete this app now .. Go to apps, settings, manage apps, then select "all" Its hidden there (-; Thanx to my friendly customer who alerted me to this "irratating" app!




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6 years ago

I subscribed. A few months later a mssage asked me if I want to keep it. If I do, reply YES to keep it. If no reply by Dec 11 it will be removed.

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