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Thursday, September 29th, 2016 10:28 PM

Does a verbal contract have any weight when dealing with Cusomer Service Reps

Either they're ignorant or misinformed but I've been duped, again. I like what Brian, from the cell phone retention office said, "where do you see it in writing?" Just because I agreed to the new Uverse service over the phone doesn't mean anything they said or promised can be relied upon to be valid. Today I found out I will be billed extra for that channel I specifically said I wanted in the package. The all inclusive: 2 boxes + 2 wireless boxes are being billed for the extra 2 boxes for the entire 1 year contract. Even though the supervisor and I agreed the price lock was for 2 years, today I was told it wasn't so. It's just as well. As my friends at 'Spectrum' nee Times Warner Cable put it, I can "jump ship" that much sooner.


Oh, I'm returning the promotional "Free - at no additional cost to you" Trek 2HD tablet. I never agreed to a 2 year contract and $10 per month service fee. Evidently, I can't return the "Free" Samsung J3. We received a phone call that promised "at no additional cost to you" for that one. The fact that the 2G will no longer be supported and a 3G is required only makes a difference to the billing department. I have to pay more for the smart phone access. You would think someone might have mentioned this. Neither of the two shops I went to bothered with this minor detail. I finally had to order the phone from the customer center, even though I phoned the store in the next town to make sure they at least had sufficient stock. I know, it's possible that they gave them all away in the hour it took me to get there.


Want to talk to a supervisor? I'll leave you with Brian's parting remarks, "Go Ahead - if you wanna waste your time". I only waited 2 hours for the "call-back within 1 hour" before I called in again.The overseas customer service rep had the brilliant idea I should call the Rewards Center. 15 minutes in to the canned wait I heard "reward card" but I was only 40 minutes away from talking to a live agent! Who, naturally told me to call customer service. Again.


As a matter of fact, Brian, I do have it written down. I have two pages of notes including times, names, and details of what I was promised. All for naught. The false representation notwithstanding, AT&T will do exactly as scripted without deviation.



ACE - Sage


117.7K Messages

8 years ago

No.  all agreements and contracts are in writing, published on the website.  They trump what ever you heard, or even written in chat.


 Re the Samsung phone:  it's an LTE device.  What difference does ATT not having 2G make for a device which is 2G, 3G and LTE capable?   Line access fees are the same on smart and basic phones.  $20 If you have a postpaid plan and data is required.  If you have a Gophone account, no change in plan is required.  


prices are quoted for service.  If you added extras, they cost more.  You can always return items or reduce your service to reduce the price. 



ACE - Expert


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8 years ago

@OHJosefsNo you need to seach the site to make sure that deal exists and carfully read the fine print.


If it's some kind of special deal you should google it and look in the forums to make sure it has been succesfully gotten by others.


Whenever they offer me something super, I call back and ask the next person to confirm what has been done to my account and explain exactly what they new changes mean (sometimes I call two or three people). 


Sometimes it's exactly what they said, sometimes not so much...


Even when making a "normal" change, I call back to make sure it's correct!


The same for cable and my utility bills.  So much easier to check immediately (and fix then) instead of waiting.

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