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Saturday, August 4th, 2018 6:15 PM

Device Insurance Question

For those ATT users that insure their devices via ATT and Asurion, are you having problems getting the correctly configured device shipped to you when you file a claim?  Every single time (4 times now) that I have filed a claim and used my insurance coverage to replace a damaged device, Asurion is very quick to respond and ship out a replacement device, which is great.  HOWEVER, I ALWAYS receive the lesser capacity model than what is insured (even if it is a newer model).  I have large capacity devices, usually 128GB models, and I always receive the 16 or maybe the 32GB models.  This time even after very clearly explaining that I do not have the 32 GB device, I did not insure a 32GB device, I insured a 128GB device, they send me a 32GB device!  They say that ATT is providing them with the incorrect information.  When confronted, ATT points the finger at Asurion. My question to the community is; how do you resolve this and have any of you had similar experiences?   Ideas?

Thank you!

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