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Thu, Feb 7, 2019 3:20 PM

Call Protect Plus not blocking unknown callers

I am paying for the Call Protect Plus and still receive multiple calls per day for "unknown callers".  How can I block these on an iPhone7?!?!?! 


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a year ago

How are you today @kbranscomb


It's no fun at all when you are still receiving unknown calls on your device. We're more than happy to help!


The AT&T call protect plus will automatically block any known or previously reported fraud callers from alerting your cellphone. Please know that Unknown or Private numbers cannot be blocked, which therefore you would have to register them into the call block list to prevent any future spam calls.


We recommend checking for any new updates for the AT&T Call Protect app, or remove and reinstall the mobile app onto your device.


You can also visit the AT&T Call Protect Page  for more information and our  Troubleshoot & Resolve Portal/ iPhone 7,7+  by selecting a specific issue to help get your device back up to speed.


We hope you have a great weekend!


Dwight, AT&T Community Specialist


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a year ago

The main reason I subscribed to Plus is to block unknown calls. The product information says that it does, the app has a function toggle for Unknown Calls. So why is it not working?



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still doesn't block unknown calls, despite uninstall/reinstall. A spoofed "neighbor call" came through anyway

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