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Sun, May 5, 2019 8:33 AM

Blocking numbers from my kids phone

I have a few numbers that I need to have blocked from my child’s phone. She is 15 Going on 25. Lol. There are a few numbers that I need blocked from her phone, but she won’t leave them blocked. I have found that she goes in and unblocks them when I’m not around (when she’s at school or something). Is there a way to block these few numbers from calling anyone on my plan? I don’t want to talk to these kids and I don’t want my daughter talking to them either. The best idea I have is to block the numbers from the actual AT&T account (so they can’t call me, her, or my other daughter) but I cannot find out how to do so. Any ideas?


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2 years ago

Hi, @Aimie702,


We'd love to help with this. AT&T does not currently have an app that will permit you to block numbers on your child's phone. We do have AT&T Secure Family that will permit you to control time online through their device and permit you to track their location through the phone.


There maybe a third party app that will aid you in this. Perhaps the community will have a few recommendations.


Have a great week!


James, AT&T Community Specialist

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a year ago

this is NOT a “problem solved.”  In fact, AT&T used to have a way online that you could block numbers from a certain phone.  It may have been a paid service.  But then you got rid of it, and now have this useless Call Protect and Secure Family.


not happy



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a year ago

I agree, ATT use to have Smart Limits that had the added feature of blocking numbers, not sure why they got rid of Smart Limits. And yes Call Protect is extremely useless.



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a year ago

I honestly do not know what happened.  Smart Limits used to do this for us too and I had for over 2 years.


I just went back to try Secure again for the sole purpose of blocking a number and it does do that either.


By switching to secure family ATT has really made families of teens less secure.  By the way, the child will also delete the companion app required to pair for ATT Secure Family now.


Like the lady above suggested, our teens are 15 going on 25.  Given that I and my wife work with professionals who assist with girls who have escaped  trafficking and given that smart phones are unfortunately one of traffickers best weapons against parents, I really wish you would not have degraded service.


Your new app is frankly for those under 12 who may still listen to their parents.




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