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Tue, Jan 14, 2020 7:51 PM

AT&T Thanks Login Not Working


I cannot login with my normal AT&T user ID. I was able to login a few weeks ago, but not it isn't working.

Also, online when I try to investigate I see an error: Looks like this access ID isn't eligible for AT&T THANKS:

But I do have AT&T Thanks. So its frustrating!


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9 months ago

Hello @fieldsfamily1234,


We can definitely offer some assistance for these issues that you're experiencing with signing in to the AT&T THANKS app/website.


The error message that you described usually means that your User ID isn't eligible to use the AT&T THANKS app, or it doesn't have an active account associated with it.


When you go to sign in, please be sure to use the full User ID that you would normally use to sign in to myAT&T, including any email info if your User ID normally includes the @ email reference.


You can check that your account is properly linked to your AT&T User ID by visiting and signing in to myAT&T online.


If your account hasn't been linked to your User ID just yet, you can follow the steps at this link to Link an account to your ID.


If you're still experiencing this same issue after giving that a try, we also recommend deleting and reinstalling the application on your device, then trying to sign in again.


Let us know if this helps!


Sean, AT&T Community Specialist

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02/19/2020 Kevin G: Before we proceed I would like to inform that there is upgradation taking place with our website which might can give you error message like clear cache and cookies. Please be rest assured that its a temporary message that you are getting.

Kevin G: I appreciate that you took your time to bring this to our notice, however we would like to inform you that this is an on going issue due to technical anomalies and glitches because of which there is an outage at the servers with AT&T.We would never want you to go through this however be assure that the issue is been noticed and being rectified and our experts and team are already working out as we speak in order to set the things back to normal.

Kevin G: To expedite the process, I can raise a ticket against your account so the services can be re-synchronized at will ensure that the notations are been created with all the requisite details so we can get this sorted at the earliest.

Kevin G: Please do not try to change the User ID and password as this is temporary issue and same details will be used to login.

Kevin G: Are we still connected?

Me: yes. I have just gone through a Chrome reinstall. a change my password three times. Not one mention of a problem has I gotten an email I would not have done all that.

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2 months ago

I don't know what is going on but I can't sign in either on my desk top. I called for help and they said they wait is 10 minutes and it's been 34 minutes

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