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Tue, Jun 11, 2019 7:23 PM

ATT thanks app tickets twosdays not working


   I am not able to book tickets thru the thanks app for any movie any date. I know that this promotion has very limited tickets, so I tried for different movies on different dates and also I made sure that I have the latest verison of the thanks app. Whenever I select the showtime and click on get tickets, all it does is showing me a blank page without any ticket details... Can you please fix this for once and all?




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a year ago

Hello. I have been using AT&T for Tickettwosdays, buy one get one ticket free for several years. It has me log onto AT&T, then goes through your site, i click on take me there to the movie theater and put in my zip code, and has me log onto my Cinemark. I then pick my movie. I did this from my laptop not using the AT&T Thanks app. When i went to log in to AT&T, it said i had to d/l the app. So i went onto my phone and it went through the steps but when it gets to the part where you select your movie time, the app just sits there with a white screen that says At&t ticket twosdays. I emailed AT&T early yesterday morning and they said to contact you. I then called them that afternoon and they said to contact Fandango. Im getting the run around. Its as if they arent linked together. And i should be able to go to the website without using the app. I noticed that there is a Fandango logo on the tickettwosday app. Which may be a problem if i load money onto my Cinemark gift card. I was not the only one who called AT&T yesterday. Please let me know if you can fix the issue from your end. I usually dont have to log into the site. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the AT&T Thanks App.

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