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Fri, Nov 30, 2018 4:11 PM

AT&T Secure Family - App Info From the AT&T Community Team

Peace Of Mind Just Got A Lot Easier 


The AT&T Community Team is proud to announce that Secure Family will now work with your mobile carrier! It give you the tools to help you keep an eye on your children (monitor up to 10 devices) and keep their online experience safe. Your family security is important to us, so we wanted to take it to the next level.

We think you’ll love it, so you can try the new app for Free for 30 days.

Try it now

Location tracking features


FM.gifWith AT&T Secure Family’s interactive map, not only can you check your child’s location when you need to, you can schedule alerts to so you know where your child is at after school or if they go out to the movies . Other features include:

  • Arrival and departure alerts
  • Location history

Data control features

Have you thought about limiting your child’s access to Wi-Fi during school or other important times? With AT&T Secure Family you can pause and resume internet access. Other features include:

  • Permanent and temporary data block 
  • Data-time restrictions

Web and app filters

With Secure Family, you can block websites or apps in a category, with a single tap. You can set 4 filters to control the content your child sees based on age-appropriate settings. Other features include:

  • Website and app blocks 
  • App purchase restrictions 

Notifications and usage info

Afraid your child will turn off certain settings? With Secure Family, you will get an alert if your child tries to turn off location permissions. Other features include:

  • Battery status
  • Call and text buttons
  • Voice, text, and data usage info

Check out Secure Family page for more information regarding the features.


How can I get AT&T Secure Family?

You’ll be directed to download the app for your compatible devices, which includes Apple® iPhones® and tablets (requires iOS® 10 or higher) and Android smartphones and tablets (requires Android® 5.0 or higher).



How do I add family members to AT&T Secure Family?

It’s easy to add family members to Secure Family. From the app, tap the plus (+) icon at the top and follow the prompts.


ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 

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3 y مضت

If he has your iCloud account login and password he can also track you with that using findmyiphone or the iCloud.com website. 



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3 y مضت

I am the only one who knows my password as it is my email address I use to login. 




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3 y مضت

if you're that worried, honestly you're not in the right relationship. 



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3 y مضت

A few years ago you had a feature of your app that I could set time limits on my child's data usage. This was apparently taking up too much bandwidth on your server, because you dropped that wonderful feature for a different system that uses a VPN and an app installed on the iphone. VPNs are very easy for the average teenager to disable, which gives me no real control over limiting the time he us on the phone. Now I have to go to your website (or app) and disable and re-enable his data every day. It takes several steps and a couple of ad pages for the tv service you are selling and the request to complete a questionnaire. Then waiting to connect to your server. And then it takes a while for the change to take affect on his phone. I would love for you to bring back the old system where I can just set the timing once for his data usage. That was great! But can you at least make the steps easier on you website and phone app to get to his data settings? 

I have found a great app called Life360 that allows me to see where my child is.  It does not work through a VPN so it is almost real time.  Yes, he can turn it off, but I can see that on the app on my phone.  I have told him he is required to keep the app on or I will turn his data off.  But I still can't turn his data off hen he is at school (which is what I really want) unless I go through the AT&T website, which, again, is really kludgey.



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3 y مضت

I also really miss the server based control over my son's data usage.   I've got our home WiFi router set up to disallow all his devices' MAC addresses between 10pm and 6am, so he can't use the WiFi at night, and I've limited his phone data such that he can't watch videos on it too many nights in a row or he runs out before the end of the month.    Still it would be nice to be able to set time limits on it throughout the day like we used to.  
For phone tracking, I just use the Location Sharing feature in Google Maps to locate my husband and son.   It's free and easy and saves installing extra apps since of course Maps is already on everything.

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