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Sat, Jan 18, 2020 5:18 AM

Att family map

Why do I get messages like this.

AT&T Secure Family: sons phone.AT&T Secure Family Companion app is not working correctly. Reactivate it from your AT&T Secure Family app.

And than a little while later I get one like this.

AT&T Secure Family: Pairing with son's phone has been restored. You now have more accurate location for pops and you can set arrival and departure alerts.

Is it just a computer error or is he do I'll ng something to his phone to make it send me these messages. And if he is, can you name a few things that he could be possibly doing?



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4 weeks ago

Greetings @joubertketa,


We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. The message that you receive can possibly be a system error. And we wouldn't be able to check anything your sons is doing with the AT&T Secure Family app, do to not having the ability to do so.


Jacob, AT&T Community Specialist

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