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Sunday, March 3rd, 2019 11:03 PM

Att call protect and mobile security app NOT WORKING (iPhone Xs)

I'm signed up for Att call protect and security feature on my business account, but BOTH my apps are USELESS since i can't get them to work. 


1. Call Protect App - is stuck on Processing Request.... screen with the loading bar spinning and below reads "Hang tight. Were setting up your account; it shouldn't take too long" the weird part here is that when I slide the iPhone into the app selection mode and click back on the application it briefly shows the contents of the app, but quickly defaults into the "Processing Request...." mode. 


2. Mobile Security App - getting error "Hmm, we couldn't authenticate your account Try again later." 


I've tried uninstalling app and reinstalling; enable/disable HD Voice; restart iPhone; wait for a few days and try again.... oh and I'm on the latest update





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5 years ago

Since it's a business account, access to these apps might be restricted. I'd contact AT&T. If you're not the account manager, contact your account manager and have them contact AT&T.



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4 years ago

Having the same issue.  Been using Call Protect for over a year and all of a sudden it stopped logging calls.  It won't refresh the call log.  I reinstalled and now it's stuck in "processing request" with a spinning circle.

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3 years ago

Was there ever a resolution to this issue?  I upgraded from standard to enhanced security with my new cell plan.  I reinstalled the app (probably a mistake) and now get the can't authenticate my account error.  ATT reset my phone but that didn't help.  Anyone have a solution?

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