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Wed, Jun 29, 2022 7:41 PM

AT & T through Sams Club

I cannot get ahold of anyone who can help me and I am so sick of this, I am wanting to cancel anything and everything that has to do with AT & T. I have called a couple of times and get support from India and they can't talk real, everything is from a script and so they can't understand my situation, I am so over this crap!!! Now they'll want to charge me for the phones if I try to back out of the deal. And I couldn't even do that if I wanted because who would you call?? I can't imagine that people in the USA are satisfied with any of this support if they have real questions that are a little more complex. I will explain. I went in to Sams Club (I didn't know not to use AT & T there) and was told a great deal for my phones. I had 5 phones on my plan and agreed to switching them all over to AT & T. We gave them all of the EIN numbers and got everything set, so I thought. We were switching 2 of them out for the S22 deal, 1 of them was just a cheaper A013 that I just needed for a back up phone and the other 2 belonged to my son and daughter in law who wanted to keep their existing phones and just switch them over to AT & T. The sales rep (Graham) said on the last 2 that he needed to go ahead and send us the S22 phones for us to activate and then call in and switch them over to the old phones (which are S21 Notes). We also were told we had 14 days to make any changes. So, the 5 phones arrive in the mail. I activate them and call in because we wanted to upgrade to the S22plus (we were use to bigger phones than the S22). I thought it would be pretty easy but no one can understand the situation. I was told by one that we were not eligible for an upgrade, The other told me I would be charged for the cost of the phones. I went to the local store and sat for 30 minutes while the were discussing it and they decided it was too messy to get involved. I thought someone would help us give AT & T alittle more money for upgrading but no one could understand what to do, it is so simple if they could listen in English. What do I do? My 14 day period is going to run out and no one will help me. I am very much not liking AT & T. I don't even know where to go? Seems like a money grab scam by a huge corporation? Any ideas of who can actually help me??? Danggg



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. And I couldn't even do that if I wanted because who would you call?

go back to sams club, they are a 3rd party sales and not at&t employees,


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Go to an ATT corporate store. You can return/exchange phones within the 14 day return period there. I doubt the Sam’s Club can or will take them.

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Not "upgrade" 

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