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Sunday, February 9th, 2020 3:31 AM

Add line to iPhone

I would like to add a new line to my iPhone for just a month with a physical SIM. I want to share my iPhone with family traveling to Europe, but I need to keep my phone number while they are gone. Is it possible to purchase a new SIM with a different number for just a month and connect it to my existing data and International plan account?

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4 years ago

Not exactly, and not sure I understand. If they are taking your iphone with 2 sim cards abroad, how does that keep your number here to use? Explain?

If you are both traveling, You can share the device, but you cannot share your roaming add on.

Roaming plans are applied to each number individually.

I think you need to fill in some information as it dòesn’t make much sense the way you have posted.

Are you perhaps asking if you can add an additional line to your postpaid account with a different phone other than your iPhone? Please explain


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