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Tue, May 20, 2014 1:03 PM

Can I connect the 3G Microcell to an ethernet wall outlet?

My modem and router are in a junction box in a closet. Not only is this far away from a window, there's no room for the Microcell device, and I'm not sure I can (or should) move the modem or router.  


I do have an ethernet wall outlet in my home office near a window. Can the Microcell work if plugged into the outlet?


For the record, I have AT&T wireless and use FIOS because I can't get U-verse where I live/work.


I'd appreciate any advice.  


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7 y ago

You might be able to use the ethernet wall outlet if the line is continuous to the router and in good shape. In theory, that would be no different that using a long ethernet cable but you don't know the condition of the line in the wall or if it branches to other outlets. The MicroCell works best if the etherent connection is a single cable with no switches, etc between it and the router.


There are external antenna cables that you can puchase (Google MicroCell extension antenna) that can extend the antenna 25' or longer so that the MicroCell doesn't have to physically be by a window.

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