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Monday, May 8th, 2017 7:49 PM

Wireless receiver "loses connection" on single channels

My original post disappeared so here it is again, sorry if anyone sees this twice
Our wired equipment is installed at the other end of the house, tons of distance between everything wired and the wireless receiver. We've had normal issues, I reset the equipment regularly, I've had to have the house rewired and new wired equipment installed late last year. Now, our wireless receiver keeps "losing connection" on a single channel. If we change the channel, we still have service. The wireless indicator (green bars) are visible, it is just happening on the currently viewed channel. Until today. The wireless receiver dumped its connection completely, even after rebooting the router (I unplug the equipment, I do not use the reset button) and the reboot completed, the wireless receiver still had no connection, I reset it as well, it is now working. I understand losing connection, what I do not understand is losing a channel, and only ONE channel, and it is not a specific channel. Changing the channel fixes that problem without having to reboot everything. Losing my connection completely, today, finally erked me enough to ask

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