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Tue, Nov 7, 2017 1:06 PM

Who would like to join me in a class action lawsuit?

I have been at ATT customer for phone for quite sometime. Before we did the ATT next program I called and spoke with multiple people about what my bill would look like with phones to get the best possible deal from ANY carrier. ATT promised me a price that was $40 less than what my actual bill was. They never resolved it. Now years later I added cable and internet and was quoted a price $130 LESS by MULTIPLE people. To my shock when I got the bill I was assured again by 3 different people the next month it would be much less. It’s now magically gone up another $20 in a 2 month span. I have tried to call and email and no one is helping. ATT lies to their customers to sell product and once you get it your stuck and required to pay fees. I have already contacted a lawyer and in the process of filing a complaint. They need to stop doing this to people and trying to tack on sneaky little extra fees each month. 


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