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Tue, Sep 19, 2017 7:41 PM

U-verse bill and account information being wrongly sent to my email address


Since June I have been getting monthly email from AT&T about a U-verse account that is not in my name, I didn't order, and is for a FL resident.

 I've connected AT&T alerting them about the error, and each time the customer representative assured me that they would contact the real account holder whose name is similar to mine but is not me and would correct the account information.  I've made three calls to AT&T and nothing has been resolved and although the last customer service representative promised to follow-up, she did not.  Furthermore, it sounds like I am calling a call center in India and despite the promises no customer service representative has followed-up with me.

I'm concerned because the account holder's name is similar to my father's but he does not live in the country and I am concerned that his identity might have been stolen.  However, since I am the one getting the emails, I can't seem to get AT&T to stop emailing me about this account that does not belong to me because they are receiving payments and I can't provide additional information about the account other than what they send me in the emails.  They might view my calls as phishing.  Who should I contact in order to get them to correct the email contact info and stop emailing me?  I tried blocking the emails, but somehow they still get through the filter.  Any suggestions and ideas about how to escalate this situation?



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