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Sat, Mar 4, 2017 11:05 PM

Unburied cable problem

I am having same exact problem.  Fiber Cable was installed in Dec 16 and buried ...then dug up in January when neighbor had theirs installed.  Met an AT&T truck outside a few days later and showed and they said they would report and take care off.  Nothing. Weeks passed and I reported to their unburied cable line and they said it would be taken care of in 7 days.  Even have a reference # 7871999,  That was on 2/24.  Still have 100 feet of unburied cable in my yard and my yard service starts up next week.  On a seperate note I have been trying to get a missapplied payment on the account (the very first one due) and have made no fewer than 5 calls.  I cant even get someone to look at the cancelled check.  Each rep says they will take care of and have a supervisor call ... nother ever happens.  My next step will be to craft a letter to our state attorney generals office to see if they can prompt some action because it is a fairly large some they have somewhere.  Very dissatisfied customer here.  The product works great....but the service on account has been horrible.

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