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Mon, Sep 25, 2017 4:43 AM

Re: Why am I being charged for a service never used?

I too am being charged for something I never asked for. I signed up for a bundle with directv, my existing wirless plan, and internet. I was sent a small box that I thought was for internet, but turned out to be for a house phone I didn't ask for. The "rep" told me I would have the three services mentioned above for a total of 224 a month. When directv tech came out, I asked him about installing my internet. He said internet is not even available via ATT in my area--it is rural, and that the only way to get internet via ATT is to use my mobile hotspot. He also informed me that that little box I was mailed, is for a house phone.  I now have a bill from Directv for 125 and another bill from ATT for $308. I haven't had a house phone since the '90s and I assure you I didn't just wake up one day and randomly decided I wanted to go back to those days. I was sold a bill of goods and I am not looking forward to the nightmare in store for me when I call customer "service" to try to work this out. 


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