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Thu, Nov 30, 2017 1:06 AM

Re: New Service Pricing Commitment not met

I placed an order for new service online, internet and direct TV, $65 a month, rewards card of $150 to been given after 30 days. I spent along time online to order this package and chatting with Rep Audrey, she was fixing the order because the rewards card offer wasn't showing,. I completed the order this morning with a deposit of $100, which would offset my 1st two bills. I later received an email stating my order was pending and I needed to call to complete. I call and a rep that barely speaks English is telling me that there is an additional charge of $10 for Direct Tv tax, I explained that the online rep never explained of an additional charge and no where through the order process does it state this. After going back and forth with the rep, I asked how can I view my order online to complete the payment and view the status, she told me, there was no way to view the order and the additional charge could only be done over the phone. I said no. I then called customer service again and for an hour, I went back and forth with another rep trying to cancel the order completely. First she said there was no order, then her system was running slow, then she stated it couldn't be cancelled because it was in pending status, then she stated it couldn't be cancelled because the order was being reviewed in the back end. Through all of this and several times being put on hold and requesting a supervisor, I was hung up on. I never received confirmation that the order has been cancelled. I had to cancel my bank card, because you guys have all my personal information.and I am not going to be charged for service I don't want. You guys are scammers, I don't care if it was an additional charge of$1.00, I received an order confirmation for a set monthly price and a set deposit to initiate service. You can't just change that and say additional cost is needed , that it's an online system error that it wasn't included, Also how could I not be able to view my order online and make any changes or to pay the additional cost. I completed my order online and should be able to access it that way. How do you expect a new customer to give there personal credit card info to some foreign speaking rep online with out having any confirmation and verification of the reps identity and legitimacy.. Last but not least, how can you not be able to cancel an pending order and keep customers on the phone for an hour making excuses that they are unable to process a cancel request. I am reporting you to the BBB, YOU ARE SCAMMERS AND KNOWINGLY GIVING FRAUDULENTLY CONFIRMATIONS ON INTIAL PAYMENT ORDERS !!! AND TO TOP IT OFF IT'S A HARD HIT ON CREDIT.. IT'S VERY SAD THAT THIS HOW YOU CONDUCT BUSINESS,!!  I was really looking forward to starting service with you.. I will let everyone know of how you guys really are

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