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Monday, December 25th, 2017 2:05 PM

Re: New Directv GUI - ATTROCIOUS DISASTER! - Are you kidding me?

@gordongekko99 litzdog isn't being truthful. Called to ask if there are any pilots or beta testers out there/improvements in the pipeline and they said definitely not. I was escalated 4 times. This person is out there replying to everyone but it's a just one big lie. Just like the shannon02 person, he probably works for the company trying to save face for them. Don't you think all of us who have called to complain would have been reassured that a fix is coming at some point? Instead they're quick to let u cancel and take a refund which is what I did and suggest others do the same. After litzdog responded to me, I spent 2 hours on the phone trying to find out if what he claimed is true and I got an unequivocal resounding ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGES PLANNED.



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4 years ago


I'm responding to this thread in hopes someone can explain this new message board forum system.

1. This system is messed up, I see a thread with over 50 responses, multiple pages, two new posts in the past two hours, I go to the last page of the thread and the posts are from over a month ago, where are the new posts or comments as they are now called, buried somewhere but difficult to find.

Can the moderators that run this board develop a more cohesive system, or was this designed by AT&T to frustrate subscribers efforts to get issues solved and have ATT/Directv address our concerns.

2. This thread, what happened to it, it is now broken up into a million different little individual posts, again what is going on?

3. How do I start a new question or a thread, I see no button or clear display that points me in the right direction.

Update, OK, I see it at the very top of the page, "ask a question", I assume this is it, there should be a button lower down near the conversations as well.

Perhaps I will start a new thread repeating my concerns, thank you.

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