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Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 12:25 AM

Re: Moving the Main U-verse Box


No I'm talking about the main tv receiver box. The gateway and router are
in another room. We have 3 boxes hooked up to our 3 tv's.

I believe a technician mentioned, if the bedrm box is ever moved to another
room within the house, because its the "main" box some wires located in our
garage wall had to be changed. And the other 2 tv boxes are connected
wirelessly to the main box.

So another words, the main box gets moved, the 2 wireless boxes have to be
restarted after the wires are switch in the wall.

If I understood all this correctly, I'd have to contact AT&T and have a
tech sent out here before moving boxes or no tv for a while.
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