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Sat, Apr 1, 2017 6:42 PM

Re: Is U-verse Going Away

JefferMC wrote:

"AT&T doesn't publish official statements of policy on  AT&T employees sometimes publish internal information on"


OK well if AT&T employees are posting internal information on, then they obviously know something that you don't since they work for AT&T. So, are you going to discredit or question what an AT&T employee post? If so, then don't plan on keeping your AT&T service for very long. Comcast Xfinity employees do the same thing on If you were to read some of the postings on Xfinity's help forums by their forum experts that have a similar ranking to yours, you would see that many of their experts swear up and down by


JefferMC wrote:

If I were you, I'd take another look at how DIRECTV does OnDemand.  Their satellites don't have the bandwidth to do separate unicast streams for all of their OnDemand deliveries. If it worked the way you think, why do you think "a minimum connection speed of 750Kbps (DSL or cable modem) is required. 2Mbps or higher is recommended." (source).

They do Pay Per View via satellite, but that's a totally different animal.


The reason why they have "a minimum connection speed of 750Kbps (DSL or cable modem) is required. 2Mbps or higher is recommended." (source) is because AT&T wants to make sure that the customer's receiver unit can transmit the customer's orders from the On Demand menu unit back to Direc TV's servers. Once the customer makes their selections, then their orders are transmitted back to Direc TV's servers via their Internet connection and then Direc TV delivers the selected program back to the customer via satellite and not over AT&T's Internet connection as I have mentioned, all of which saves AT&T from having to transmit the programming back to the customer over their Internet connection. And as far as bandwidth via satellite goes, why do you think that Direc TV is able to offer free HD for? If they didn't have the bandwidth via satellite to deliver TV programs, they would not be able to offer free HD for the many years that they have. Don't believe me? Ask a Direc TV installer. I have, many times over. Many confuse this and think that because Direc TV can offer HD TV delivery via satellite, they can also offer Internet this way too via satellite and I think that's where your confusion is at here because satellite receivers where originally designed to receive programming signal content and not transmit the customer's requests back to the head end like an Internet connection requires. That's why an Internet connection is required for On Demand because that's what it's function is, as I have said from the beginning.


JefferMC wrote:

Were you taught in school to end a sentence with a preposition?  Citing sources, I get, but I don't follow "that's the main reason why I post in bold."  Posting everything in bold tends to minimize the effectiveness of actually using bold for emphasis, which is normally what it's for (source).


I was taught to write English grammar and term papers in college based on the principals of Hodges’ Harbrace College Handbook, originally written by the late University of Tennessee English professor John C. Hodges and not on by someone with the name Butterick who writes from a typography sense based on a visual arts degree and not from an English degree. Visual arts is fine if you're doing painting, sculpting, graphics, or design. But for communications, like this forum, proper English is more important than art. I might add that the main library on the campus of The University of Tennessee is also named after John C. Hodges. Hodgers’ Harbrace College Handbook is the main reference source that many English professors at most colleges require their students to have.

By the way, thank you for asking about my educational background and my experience. I don’t mind sharing this information with you, however, by doing so it could throw us off topic here as to the question that the original poster was asking on here, which as you should know is discouraged in forums. So if you have any further questions about this, please PM me instead.

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