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Mon, Nov 27, 2017 11:24 PM

Re: Executive Escalation

Timeline of my experience with Direct TV 


Early October - I called to cancel service and was told it was complete, and I would receive a box in the mail to send components back.


November 16th - I called Direct TV because I received a bill indicating my service had not been ended and I owed for another full month  The customer service person confirmed this, apologized and said a box was on the way and my service was now disconnected.  That same day I received an email saying my box was on its way.


November 27th - I called because I had not received a box yet.  After waiting on hold a person answered, and told me he needed my cell phone number.  I told him I did not wish to give him that, and he said he couldn't help me and hung up on me!


November 27th - I called back and had to wait another 10 minutes on hold.  'Joe' answered and told me the policy just changed and it was now my responsibility to drive equipment to UPS and if I didn't I would be issued a fine and failure to pay would impact my credit score.  I explained I cancelled before this change in policy, a UPS store is not close to me, and that I thought a box should be shipped to me like was promised in October and earlier in November.  He told me I was out of luck and that I was being unreasonable.  I asked for a Supervisor and after several minutes of waiting 'Jane' told me she couldn't help me either, but could transfer me to billing and maybe they could.  Jane was at least pleasant.  She then put 'Joe' back on who asked me what he was supposed to do (did the supervisor not talk to him?).  


I told him I was told I would be transfered to a department that could help me, and he laughed and said they wouldn't do anything either.  By now I am frustrated and didn't need a customer service associate laughing at me so I asked for his badge number.  He told me '171058' which I later found out was a false badge number (confirmed by Hazel down below).  After he laughed at me I said I wanted the supervisor of his boss and he laughed again.  So I asked for his supervisors badge number, and he told me he didn't know it.  I told him I would wait while he got it.  Instead he asked me what I hoped to accomplish by getting badge numbers.  I told him I expected to eventually get someone to help me, and he told me nobody was going to help me and if I didn't drive to a UPS store and send the equipment back I would be 'fined' and it would go against my credit.  I am angry by this point (but still courteous) and told him I will not be fined, and I will not have anything 'against my credit' because someone will resolve this.  Again he laughed and said 'no and no, that won't happen' and began trying to argue with me.  He then apparently transfered me without telling me.  He didn't say where he was sending me, or even show the courtesy of saying 'good bye' or anything...just punched in numbers and ditched me.


Is it customary for your reps to give out false badge numbers, and to laugh at customers who make reasonable requests like getting a box to send their equipment back?  Is there are reason why I was hung up on by one person, laughed at by another, argued with, and treated so rudely?  I just want to ship equipment back in the box I was told would be arriving 'within 7 days' which never showed up.  I didn't want to have to call back, and I certainly don't deserve this kind of treatment when your employees have failed to do their jobs in the first place.


After sittiing on hold another 10 minutes I got to 'Hazel'.  I am happy to report that she was VERY helpful and understanding unlike the prior reps I spoke to today.  She says a box is now on its way...but I only have her word for it.  I have been told this 3 times since early October so I am not holding my breath.  


Imagine that 'Joe'!  Looks like you are just too dumb or lazy to do your job.  Luckily Hazel is there to do it for you.


Clearly Direct TV employees need some customer service training...or better yet a pink slip.


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