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Mon, Dec 11, 2017 9:38 PM

Re: Equipment lease fee.

AT&T is being taken over by a military contractor, the Fatty of the Catholic Church who substitute the #NIV word changes of the Bible. the Agreed on Catholic Standards Text is #NRSV APL which in the 2017-01-20 & 2017-11-26 reading should say #Destroy #Fat. Yet in previous line of these Verses says "Shepherd my own Flock", so the Fat Bishops & Fat Cardinals changed the Catholic Text to read #Destroy #Sleek=Slim Fit Slick Bodies, both Women and Men DNA, because men DNA makes or improves Woman DNA.


The conspiracy is using ATT & #AboveMyPayGrade #MurderCult Chaplains to save the #GW3= 3 of the Fat White Races, that USA a GMOWar killing Thin DNA=Farmers as they ready to release on the USA and kill the Ancestry of 8of11 Race Groups as defined by External Intelligence Agency search "770,000 Samples". You will see some tampering happened the Acadian French in France Were Mapped, then they pulled the data and re-uploaded  without the French origin for the Divided in Half Acadian USA French DNA populations.


Also in the USA via Remote Force Manipulation or Amygdala Radio Stimulus of Impulse Shopping, they damage the Account Credit Scores of #TargetedIndividuals in hopes of sabotaging  Data Sets, mistaken as Datum by the Banker Database Silos, producing False Correlations for #GW3 not KKK enough Race Extinctions, such as True France Genomes and all Demarcation Lines not KKK Fat Body Race Power.


GMO engineering Herbi'Cide,Pesti'Cide,Homo'Cide engineering as reported in Modern Farmer.mag Fall 2017, as successful killing 400,000 in Sri Lanka before target killing the Fit & high iQ in the USA for blocking a New KKK of Depleted Uranium and Phosphate Importation in an Unsustainable Plan of #KtoG, #GW3, KKK Lord Baltimore Renewel of root word of Non-Fiction master ship as a race of #Post-Truth, best liar wins the Future.



9/11 Conspiracy Solved,

"1915 Jews" Death to all BlackHair Ancestry DNA

Stand for the Truth, by



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