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Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 8:01 PM

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The people in your retention department (and actually every department we have spoken to at AT&T are complete and masterful liars.  You really don't care about your customers, all you care about is that you were able to retain them regardless of the lie you need to tell them to agree to your offer!  Though I know you won't give a rats here is our story.


In March of 2017 we a bill that had increased our cable TV charges drastically. My wife called to find out why and was told that the time period for our special pricing had ended. Since they had increased our price so dramatically she told them we would be cancelling our service with AT&T. They then transferred her to their retention department to see if we could get better pricing. The retention department said that if we went with Direct TV they could get better pricing than before. We have had Direct TV in the past and they were a horrible company so my wife said no we would just like to cancel. The lady then tried to sweeten the offer and said that she could get us faster internet speed for less and that we could get an internet phone line for free. My wife then called me into the conversation and they went over the deal with my. I told them that we currently had two internet phones lines through Ooma and had been with Ooma for over ten years. She then said that she could get us a second internet phone line for only $5 a month plus taxes and fees so for two internet phone lines it would only be 9.95 a month. She also stated that Direct TV was not the same company they used to be and that they were much better since AT&T had started selling their service. She assured us that any issues would be taken care of. With the less expensive TV option, faster internet speed for less and one free internet phone line and another one for only $5 we decided to accept the offer. The only catch was that we had to be in this agreement for 2 years. Typically we never agree to a two year agreement but she insisted that everything would be fantastic so we agreed. She then attempted to transfer our current Ooma internet phone numbers to AT&T. When she couldn't she said that Ooma would need to release the numbers and to call AT&T back when the numbers had been released. It took us a month and a half to get the numbers released which we did and then called AT&T back. Imaging our suprise when we were told that the internet phone offer would not be honored and that we would have to pay $19.95 for the first line and $9.95 for the second line plus taxes and fees! We have spoken with no less than 7 people at AT&T about this and no one has been of any help. So bottom line, AT&T did not fulfill the terms of our agreement but also refuses to let us out of this 2 year ridiculous agreement. We have been AT&T customers for almost 15 years but no more. AT&T lies! Everyone we have spoken with at AT&T has told us lies from Sean to Eric to Rashida and more, not one person at this company has been upfront and truthful with us. They charge us for services that we call and discontinue and when they say they have credited us back they haven't and then charge a late fee for not paying for the service we didn't order. They tell us they will give us certain things at specific prices and then don't honor that pricing. WE WILL NEVER AGAIN BE FOOLED BY THIS UNETHICAL COMPANY!!! We will also be very certain that everyone we know hears our story and is warned not to do business with this unethical lying company. They are crooks!

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