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Sat, Nov 11, 2017 7:22 PM

Re: Active Channel Removal


Because I generally don't contact Directv unless there is a bill discrepancy-- I thought there was something wrong with my remote control when I pressed the Active button and it did not work LOL.  But I did mention to the person I spoke/chatted with that the remote control wasn't working...  Nonetheless, I used it when I needed to--it was available.  And, I miss it tremendously; particularly when I plan to cross the bridge from NJ into PA.  That being said-- whatever feature a customer uses and for whatever reason-- to check the lottery, weather, horoscopes, etc.-- for anyone working for Directv/ATT to suggest that you look elsewhere for a feature is absurd.


I say class action!  Since it cannot be resolved by Directv/ATT who passes the blames to the networks-- then perhaps the FCC?  Collectively those who are not satisfied, have the right to band together and fight.  I wouldn't personally know where to start, but I would be most willing to join the fight.


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