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Sat, Feb 4, 2017 3:15 PM

Re: Account Credit for 4 days of service

I took your advice and called DirectTVs customer service. After being on hold for 35 minutes, I was, for some reason, switched over to billing, and then the games began. Nothing was solved within a 55 minute time period. I was patient, calm, and non-demanding, just as you'd suggested. And after 1 hour of phone time , my account has still hasn't been credited for no TV service from 2/1/17 a 2/4/17. I had no more time to spend on the phone, which is ultimately why I wanted to find an alternative means to contact CS online/email in the first place. Instead, I was lead to this forum, as it's the only available option on DirectTVs website. And Ive not yet received an apology from anyone at Direct TV for my 4 day service loss, my long-awaited home service repair/restoration, my inconvenience for losing 4 hours of work, and my attempts to have my account credited. And naturally, no comps or incentives were offered by anyone for my 4 day service disruption and the many inconveniences caused from this whole situation.

I am happy to hear that you have never had a problem with DIRECT TV CS, but then again, polite people never do. I'm unsure about you, but I personally don't have the time to stay on the phone for hours on end to obtain a credit on my account, all of which I'm entitled to. You've made this whole process sound so easy, and yet, I still have no resolution to my problem after 3 full days. For you to critique my message postings and insinuate that I, a longtime customer, am demanding and rude, does nothing but increase my disappointment and my frustration. The patrons who participate on this site are experiencing REAL problems that are important to them, some of which may even be impacting their finances. Their time is just as valuable as yours or anyone else's, so they can't afford to devote hours on the phone to seek the help and resolution they need. They are paying for a telecommunications service...not to be inconvienced, passed around, dismissed, or forced to settle for poor customer service, no matter what their issues entail. I understand that things happen and mistakes are made...we're all human. You speak of being shouldn't a paying customer be provided with common courtesies such as a simple apology, along with some respect & understanding? And providing them some form of compensation for their inconvenience, when appropriate, is always a nice gesture. I believe you'd see a much more positive side to them if youre willing to be more sincere, accountable for the problem, and grateful for their business. But its probably much easier, and less confrontational, for Direct TV/AT&T to route their customers to a message forum in which the customers are essentially dismissed, provided biased opinions, and instructed on how they should feel & behave by its contributing employees. Each of which have the right to post anything they wish, typically with a superior and defensive attitudes, all with the blessing of their employer: A multi billion dollar corporation who completely disassociates themselves from the thoughts, opinions, and suggestions posted on this site by the very same people they employ. And the contributing employees just so happen to utilize AT&T/DirectTV telecommunication services for themselves as well. But don't forget the DISCLAIMER: Whatever they post on this site does not necessarily reflect those within the corporations...including any policies & regulations. Doesnt that seem quite BIASED? Especially when customers aren't provided any alternative means of communication via by email/online to customer service?

Thank you for your response, and I appreciate your feedback. I am currently waiting for their home service call today to restore my Service. So as a 4+ year customer, I will be patient and continue to hold what little faith I have left in DirectTV/AT&T before deciding to cancel my service. But to be honest, based on my personal observations of this site, the contributors' responses alarmed and upset me, even more so for other customers seeking help or solutions to their problems. I've not witnessed much courtesy, respect, or empathy that was provided to the customers, nor was there evidence of clear resolution or positive outcome with regards to their issues and complaints. But I do with those customer all the best and hope they received the proper help and extended courtesy they deserve from this company.
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