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Wed, Nov 15, 2017 11:35 PM

Please help!!!


I moved back in July and wanted to transfer my services, I scheduled a technician to come out and he was unable to hook up service at my new address.That tech said there was a piece of equipment that they had to order to install the dish, so I went ahead and rescheduled a new appointment. When that tech came out he said there was no way to get you serviced. He called his supervisor and they said that since we are not able to hook up service they would waive the termination charges. I then got a bill in August that reflected no changes. I then called ATT and spoke with a supervisor. He said that it would be taken care of and I would have to wait another billing cycle to see the credit. So September came around and I got not only a bill for the past two months of service but also the cancellation fee! I immediately called! I spoke with a manager this time and he said it’s in the notes not to worry it’s an auto letter stating what’s was going on up to the account being closed. So in early October I got a letter from direct tv stating that my account was closed and it had a neg balance of $-356.86. I thought it was finally settled! But yesterday I got a collection notice from an outside agency stating that I owe $441.10!!!! I was shocked and appalled! I called immediately after getting home from my 14hr day! They said they couldn’t do anything about it, I would have to call ATT. So at 8am this morning on my only day off this week I spent an hour and thirty minutes in the phone being transferred from dept to department! Ridiculous!!!! They finally got me a manager on the phone after being transferred 7 different times. She said they should have sent me a “citi” bank card in the mail and when I receive it to call direct tv and put it on the owed amount. I told her none of this makes sense! She agreed and didn’t know what to say! So I asked her for the “citi” bank card number just to see when it was in route. When I called them they could not find my card anywhere or if there was any plan on issuing one. When I got off the phone I was/ am furious!!!!!!!! How can such a reputable company that claims to be the highest rated in customer service treat ANYONE like this. I have worked so hard to get my credit up to a great rating and this may affect it in a neg way due to slipping through corporate cracks!!!! Please have someone contact me ASAP!!!


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Try sending a private message via this forum to @ATTDIRECTVCare

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