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Thu, Nov 2, 2017 2:08 AM

Here we go again... DVR rebooting itself

Last month my DVR that was a few years old suddenly started rebooting itself and I was told I needed a new one. The replacement worked for a day and is now worse that my original. Pixelation is still there on all tv's. Had to do destructive reset to get my DVR back and lost all my recordings for the 3rd time. My bill is due and higher than ever. I will NOT be paying it. I just can't. Why should I pay full price for half service? Hours on the phone with India where I want to stab myself in the head before I even start talking to a person and then it gets worse. I had your back AT&T, but you have lost me. You blame fluorescent lighting, full moons and anything else INSIDE my house when you know it's outside and an infrastructure problem. Time to cut the cord!


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