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Friday, March 17th, 2017 7:52 AM

DO NOT BUY DIRECT TV / DIRECT TV NOW - WARNING branding is confusing & they offer zero support!

I have chatted for over an hour and 30 minutes with Direct TV Now chat platform (which took me 30 minutes to find the link to chat with someone) with ZERO resolve to my issue. Was given mis-information and supervisor mis-represented when I would be able to talk to a supervisor.


I searched direct tv and att package, found a page which I thought would connect me with Direct TV services. After I processed the transaction and tired to log onto direct tv, I come to learn that their branding causes MAJOR confusion! Direct TV is NOT Direct TV NOW. Within 30 minutes (after NOT being able to find the support chat platform - no go on google chrome server), I chatted with a customer service rep stating that I wanted the transaction cancelled since I was confused due to the words "Direct TV / Direct TV NOW". Its not clear that there is a difference between the two!!! The customer rep I talked to initially could not tell me the difference. I requested them to cancel it because I'm sure the apple tv was not en route to my house by 30 minutes. They told me I could not and I was stuck with their services.


I wanted Direct TV but just wanted to switch to the best offering under Direct TV, which was Direct TV not Direct TV NOW. So, I still wanted to be a customer, and they said No, they could not cancel transaction or transfer since they weren't the same company even though they share the same name. Confused? I was totally too. I went back and forth with a mis-informed customer rep who had their supervisor starting to chat with me. After a promise that his higher up would call me, 60 minutes, 45 minutes, 20 minutes.. he's looking over chat record... to he's going to call you tomorrow during business hours, he's in a board meeting. This only happened after I requested to keep chat line live until his supervisor called. Then the higher above the supervisor magically was not available even though he said he was looking over my chat.


1. The branding is confusing. I'm new to Direct TV - so I have no idea that Direct TV and Direct TV NOW is different. This is especially so since both words are used along with ATT!!!
2. I wanted the transaction cancelled so I could purchase the Direct TV - need the dvr to record shows due to work. I work full time in day and full time student at night. Direct TV does not offer that I didn't know that until I tried to log onto Direct TV and they said that I didn't' have an Direct TV account!!!
3. Less than 30 minutes, they would not cancel transaction
4. I have been an ATT customer for 18 years, 3 phone lines. . When they were ATT, then Cingular, then back to ATT.
5. I currently have ATT Uverse and wanting to try out Direct TV - I've had Uverse for 8 years. I'm a loyal customer.
6. Customer reps on chat platform mislead me on multiple occasions on support offered and they admitted the brand confusion.
7. they told me they couldn't do anything but after 45 minutes, they offered a $10 credit.. so they DO have the capabilities to help.
8. I'm to the point if I can't get this resolved, I'm going to forget about Direct TV and take my 18 years of ATT cell lines over to Verizon since their packages are cheaper. I need to reduce my costs being a single parent, back to college full time and my son still in college.


WARNING!!! DO NOT BUY DIRECT TV / DIRECT TV NOW - their marketing is very confusing and NOT consumer friendly / intuitive!!! Woman Sad

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