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Wed, Dec 6, 2017 3:33 PM

DirecTV not honoring bundle price

I signed up for a bundle in April 2016!!. It was never billed or combined that way from the very beginning. I've repeatedly called for the past 18 months & spent countless hours on phone having been told the issue has been resolved only to come home and find services disconnected a couple times with no one being able to tell me why.
Well guess what. It is now NOVEMBER 2018 and my issue is still not fixed. IN fact my bundle pricing for DirecTV is not being honored even though I'm still "under contract". Why? Well your customer service says that because I've been late on paying my bill repeatedly that it voids my bundle pricing. It sure as heck doesn't void my early termination fees when you can't get your stuff straight after 18 MONTHS. Well guess what, my bundle pricing of $130 for DirecTV internet and home phone HAS NEVER BEEN right from the moment I signed up so NO I am not going to be on time paying the bill that I get repeatedly for $350, double or triple that amount it should be because you guys can't get it together. I do not just throw my money at you because you send me an incorrect bill every single month!!! Bill me as promised and you will be paid as promised. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ANY ATT SERVICES. My calls have been "escalated" no one calls me back. ATT CARES won't reply to me. ISM billing "can't do anything about my account because it's grayed out". They wouldn't even cancel my Att internet and phone (which is paid in full btw) which coincidentally still has my promised bundle pricing applied. I thought it "voided" your bundled pricing if you were late. Everyone has a different story and no one cares to resolve it. You just get transferred to the next rep you'll have to retell your story to. 


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