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Sat, Jun 24, 2017 11:31 PM

Bull Crap

So I was promised a tech today and i waited all day for one just to go through 3 people to tell me that they cancelled did I recive a phone call text or email nope sure didn't now I have to wait till Tuesday bull crap y'alls mistake not mine y'all fix y'alls screw up and do what you promise. I didn't switch to y'all for this to just go from one company to another for the same problem. Fix your mistakes and make them right if not come get your equipment and shove it. I shouldn't have to call around to find out that y'all canceled the appointment with out notice. Y'all should let your customers know and not have them wait y'all day for a tech y'all expect your payment on time I i expect my tech when I was promised not 3 or 4 day later oh wait I will pay my bill next year see how y'all like to wait.



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1 y ago

Love the last part of the conversation. 😊🤣😎

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