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Sunday, October 22nd, 2017 10:55 PM

Billing Nightmare

Tired of being being told false truths when it comes to ATT / Direct TV. I have been overcharged on my bill since June 2017 and mobody will help me clear this up. I am now being threatened with suspending my service because of past due that's due for a service I don't have. They continue to charge me every month, lied to me about crediting my account. I have over 7 hours of phone time, two trips to an AT&T store location, cost of fuel. I am going to make one last attempt today to have them correct this.. It appears there are plenty of people on this who can join in on this. I have an 85 yr old US Army Veteran (my dad) who will have no phone available to him if they cut the service. It's been the worst customer service I have EVER had to deal with in my entire life 

Yeah I've already been through the AT&T can't communicate with Direct TV
communication Issue. Spent almost two hours and six different phone
transfers back and forth back in June tryi g to get this cleared up. You
might want to consider not sending billing information for Direct TV on
AT&T letterhead as well as not cutting off customers phone and internet
service when they are bundled together because of a Direct TV billing
issue. But you dont recognize the service issues created on this , AT&T
only gladly collects the cash and uses the excuse about the system as to
why they are lying to their customers. This whole ordeal I've been dealing
g with since May 2017 is by far the worst I've ever seen with a merge. 
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