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Thu, Feb 16, 2017 5:40 AM

9Re: Brand New (unhappy) Uverse Customer

Yes you are absolutely . As I'm typing this AT&T is trying to boot me out of here but I have copies I've just begun sorry for the typos I was going to try and fix it they're not giving me time. They do not have technical support. What they do offer are viruses that take over your system. Absolutely loyal to their consumer I have been one for 15 or more years. last November they installed a device in my home that was already compromised and infected. now all of of the products AT&T provef including my cell phone are inoperable. I have 3 devices still under factory warranty they are costing me more money the news. my brand new computer no longer works because of this. AT&T refuses to give me any service or security. When I asked them where I could go for assistance Att reps tell me they are not responsible for my saftey or security and left me with inoperable what factory warranty cell phone computer and there internet modem. When I asked to go to provide them with the documentation of what has happened they tell me the reason. That my products are working fine. The device they installed was in November 2016 my phone started acting out in December 2016 when i first started looking for assistance. That is when my phone began to act oddly and functions started to disappear. They continually told me there was nothing wrong with my phone.
I bought a brand new computer that no longer works my . Any organization company service provider would not do or say the things that they've said to me. Names use me downloading apps they accuse me of being a liar. As a single female this has become a very frightening situation and I have slain that to attend. The more explain what was going on the more the insisted there was nothing wrong withe my phone. On my end both my computer and my phone I can see what's going on. They have been taken over by some huge entity. It's been very challenging and just hurt me to know that the people you pay your good honest dollar to don't care but also blame you. Anybody in their field servicing the public consumers would at least look at this I can't even get that. I've been I pleaded I took responsibility told him okay I get it I still need your help. All that weekend she is concerned about is getting your money if you are a day or two late you will be shut off. technical support factory reset or replace my products that are still under warranty. And I can't get anybody to answer to that. I can only assume that it would mean they are concerned that they would be responsible in any way. Or the public know there are more 30 confirmed modem still out there. I want to thank AT&T for all your years of wonderful service I want to say thank you for compromising my students. How you can bypass the privacy policies I am responsible for and that the Department of Education puts it place I have no idea. I do know what you represent is a lack Integrity honesty or any human decency your interactions say it clear. You are more concerned about Financial gain then then your customers . However it is worse you have no respect or concern for education, children and what you are creating for the future of america.

Good luck newcomer don't say I didn't warn you.
AT&T be seeing you soon
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