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Tue, Dec 20, 2016 8:32 PM


Why are the ACES here so pro AT&T even when it is obvious that UVerse is getting worse all of the time?  They are dropping apps like the Yule Log and Weather On Demand.  They also took away the workout app.  Because of AT&T I no longer have any way to exercise and I have gained thirty pounds since they workout app just up and disappeared.  The also drop channels, like Esquire, and they move channels up like Chiller and Cloo.  And then they still have a nerve to raise prices early next year!  DESPICABLE!  They have taken so much away in the last couple of years while adding little to nothing.  They have even threatened me that they will remove and keep me from watching my local channels!  There On Demand selections, which are mostly in SD (Sorry Definition), are the worst in the industry.  There is no defense for all the bad things AT&T has done to their UVerse service lately, and yet these ACES here still PASSIONATELY defend AT&T in a very smug, smirky demeaning condescending way!  I bet they laugh at us as they post their arrogance-dripping replies!  Well I hope you all have a terrible Christmas and I hope you die in 2017...or before then.  Charter  is my New Year's resolution.  They are perfect!  


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