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Thu, Jan 19, 2017 1:41 AM

Re: why does directv suck so bad? Why am I paying for shopping channels? Fire Michael White.

I have been complaining about various issues with Directtv since October 2016 when I lost game 7 of the World Series.  First of Nov., with no resolution to World Series despite chats, I lost Fox News for days.  At that time Directtv and ATT were unreachable on chat or by phone for days based on nationwide consternation over the Fox issue.  When I finally could get through no one with directtv would disclose anything about what happened to Fox despite repeated chat sessions.  By the end of the year, or one month later (they have big breakdown issues about once a month) they drop ABC.  I miss the Outback bowl and other programming as a result.  All this time I pay my bill timely every month.  In response to my repeated chats and transfers to the Loyalty dept I am told someone will contact me.  That never happens.  Despite near weekly attempts to contact I finally speak with Phil, in Loyalty dept.  He documents everything and tells me he will try to get my early termination fees waived.  I will hear from his supervisors in 5 days.  11 days later, I get back on chat, am called and transferred to customer service.  No one has looked at anything.  Angel tells me ET fees are only waived after three visits from a technician and basically, as much as she understands my frustration, it is her way or the highway.  No waiver, no nothing.  This is undoubtedly the worst service I have every received in my life and the only way I can get out of this is to pay a penalty of hundreds of dollars, or, continue to pay my outrageous bill and receive defective service about once a month until the end of my contract.  Directtv can fail to broadcast any time it suits them or any time they are too incompetent to make it work and I have no recourse except to pay them a penalty to quit.  Anyone else having this experience?


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