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Mon, Nov 14, 2016 11:10 PM

Re: When will DirecTV/ATT provide the PAC 12 Channel????!!!

Are you sure you have your facts right? I used to have one Time Warner
cable box in my garage to get PAC 12 channel. I paid $9 month for the PAC
12 network outside the mandatory basic cable package. The PAC 12 channel is
absolutely fine with that financial model, so I don't see why they would
have that issue with DirecTV. How do you get the Big 10 network, SEC
network, Univ. Texas channel? They dont' do an al-la-carte model as far as
I know. I pay for a premium package and those channels come with it so some
of this information seems conflicting.

My understanding is that AT&T wants to have the right to wire all of the
PAC 12 campus' with AT&T's network in exchange for an agreement with
DirecTV. This is never going to happen because you can't get 12 separate
institutions both public and private with their own networking contracts to
agree to something like that quickly...........it would take years and is
absurd. Not to mention, you have to think money talks. PAC 12 channel is
borderline successful but does bring in a fair amount of revenue for the
schools. You would think if the PAC 12 was the bottleneck that University
Presidents would be putting tons of pressure on Larry Scott to expand
viewership of their sports in turn making more $$$ by significantly
increasing the audience base.

I'm not saying that AT&T is 100% of the problem, but I feel they are the
ones with more control. I have been a loyal DirecTV subscriber for over a
decade now, but with basketball season coming up again, i am probably just
going to have to walk away because I don't think this deal is ever going to
get done and I am sick of missing half of my games on PAC 12 network. The
only thing I can do is vote with my dollars.
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