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Sunday, December 4th, 2016 6:36 PM

Re: Quit adding channels with ads only

The post responded to as "chiming in" had another profile name attached to it -- in which it was specifically stated by the original commenter that he/she was NOT a U-Verse customer but just enjoyed "squeaking the wheel."  It doesn't matter what or how many AT&T devices you use -- I have FOUR.  If you are not a U-Verse customer and you are giving erroneous information to people who object to this issue, then your "chime-in" is not productive and does nothing but take up unncessary air.  It is also quite obvious that YOU have some kind of self-serving chunk of this PIE, since you appear to have posted multiple responses under various different profile names, defending the channeling issue and condescending mocking people who have a problem with it.

We're on to you, so please go troll somewhere else.

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