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Fri, Dec 9, 2016 3:33 PM

Re: No DVR AND limited On Demand AND even more limited Network Apps


As paying Beta Testers.. like just about every half backed software release these day I knew the advertised shortcomings of the service.. no pause, rewind, DVR for a couple months while they work on it... fine.. but ATT likes to lie and bait-switch customers to death to either keep them or get them.. then tries to ignore or flat out refuse to provide the service for which they promised to deliver.

The MOST glaring issue here is the complete LACK of CONTENT... 120 channels of mostly month old, non complete - missing most episodes, current season only content. Many of the content providers on NOW have MORE content available for FREE on their own websites and apps..... that is CRIMINAL.


I can't find a single show that was updates since early November.. I was promised EVERY show would be a available watching 24hrs of airing

Lets not even talk about the fact that you get NO LIVE NETWORK CONTENT unless you live in one of 5 large metro areas...


this service... at any prices gives me FAR LESS content than I get for free right now with an Antenna and using FREE web access and or apps to content providers...


I cut the cord back in 2007 and never looked back until this service was supposed to remedy all the issues that made people cut the cord in the first place.. got news for you... you failed miserably... and cables future is right up there with newspapers .. your failure to give the customer what they want at a reasonable price will drive you out of business.  When cable was new in the 70s... there were NO commercials .... it was all content all the time.... why should I pay for commercials....



I can go on.. but this is yet another FAIL for ATT and is promptly going to get forwarded to my states consumer affairs / attorney generals office for investigation




contact the FCC and you senator and congressman quickly because ATT is currently in front of congress and the FCC over the issues of becoming too big with the impending merger that will only further embolden and facilitate ATT abusing its customers ( and non customers that want TWC content elsewhere ) with non competitive pricing and services as they get to big to fail...

I have tried to get answers from ATT via the only support channel for NOW (chat) and they refused to acknowledge or assist in fixing the issues... basically saying we got your money for 3 months.. don't like it .. dont stay... dont worry.. I wont... and I will be taking my Cell service and the rest of it down the road with me.........


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