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Tue, Jan 24, 2017 3:50 AM

Re: I hate Directv..!!! how can I leave without paying an arm & a leg...? this is crazy!

Directv was a decent company and attempted to deal fairly with customers. Then ATT. STAY AWAY FROM ATT. I was very disappointed when the news broke that ATT was purchasing Directv. My suspicions that ATT would bring their anti-customer policies and higher prices to Directv were on point. Almost immediately, some of my discount options were taken away by ATT. Then the price increases began. And then the monthly invoices changed to make them less clear and harder to read. Since I was no longer allowed to get additional discounts off my monthly bill, I began the service termination process. After I was hung up on twice by the "retention" group, I finally learned that ATT had somehow managed to apply a 12 month contract to my account after ATT allowed me to retain a small discount. I was not aware of this contract until I was terminating service. The cancelation fee was to be $75. For what? When did I agree to this fee? For nothing, and never, that's what and when. Standard ATT anti-customer policies. I first experienced the rath of ATT in the late 90's when they purchased a local cell service I was using. ATT was a nightmare then and ATT continues to be a nightmare to do business with as a customer. Once I finally got a termination processed, ATT began offering me $200 VISA card to come back, and lower pricing, more programming, and more discounts. They even offered to "waive" the $75 cancelation fee. What a joke! ATT treats its customers like an abusive spouse. They demand you do more, get less, and keep your mouth shut, and if you threaten to leave, they threaten to charge you big fees. Once you do leave, here come the gifts and "sorry to see you go" routine. ATT is an abusive spouse. Leave ATT and never look back.


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