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Mon, Nov 21, 2016 9:11 PM

Re: help changing yahoo email password

Hello all,


To anyone having problems changing your email password on Yahoo, which browser are you using? I recently had the same problem--I could change the password to my email account via myAT&T, but the password change applied only for logging into webmail at or for logging into myAT&T. The password change did not propagate over to Yahoo. It turns out the problem was that I was using Firefox as my browser. When I changed the password using Chrome as my browser, the password changes made via myAT&T were immediately reflected on Yahoo and so I was able to change my password for retrieving my webmail on Yahoo. The Technical Help person I spoke to said this might be due to the different certificates provided by Firefox v.s Chrome and that some information may not be being transmitted properly with Firefox which is preventing the password change being propagated to Yahoo. I don't understand why, but everything worked fine for me when I used Chrome. So I suggest you try again using the Chrome browser if you aren’t already using it.


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