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Thursday, April 7th, 2016 4:36 PM

Re: Has anyone else been screwed over by uverse?

I am a Comcast member with 40 Mgps and ATT sales told me they could provide better internet service as a trial for 30 days with no obligation to pay anything unless I wanted to keep the service.  I agreed and their tech came out did the install and guess what, they barely made it to 30 Mgps.  I called back within two weeks letting them know their service sucked and returned their equipment promptly.  No contracts were ever signed.  A month later, I get a bill for $101.68.  I called and they said it would clear in the next billing cycle.  The following month: a bill for $142. 62.  Spoke with another rep, she said it still needed time to clear.  Just got off the phone today (now a couple of months later) and this time the rep said we owe the bill for installation charges and usage.   After arguing that I do not owe this money, this rep said he couldn't do anything about it as nothing was noted in the account.  They record everything when you call in, so they also have records of our conversations.  I do have the badge number of one of the reps I spoke with that said we didn't owe anything, now they are going back on their word.  3 cheers for absolute bad customer service!Smiley Mad 

I am staying with Comcast, at least they know how to treat customers, even temporary ones!

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