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Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 8:13 AM

Partial recordings

I go to an episode listed on demand but it is only a partial recording. So frustrating. First, episodes on demand are sporadically missing and second, when I do go to an episode, sometimes it only gives me 8 minutes of the show. (I've tried rewatching it, logging out and in again, but it still cuts out at the exact same spot). What can I do but cancel??



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7 years ago

       I was watching Mr.Robot on demand then after the first round of advertisements ended, the show came back but I noticed that it's too short! ( less than 15 mins total? )

    Found out it jumped from the end of the first chapter to the last chapter instead of the second chapter?!? Perhaps some kind of error involved advertisement-check-point?

   I used PC so I just click at the second chapter to continued watching the show.

(There are 4-5 big dots along a long line at the bottom of the screen, 4-5 ads-breaks for this show)

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