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Friday, January 6th, 2017 4:33 PM

Door to door salesmen or techs

I just left a question regarding AT&T Uverse salesmen or techs asking to check devices in private homes. I'm disturbed to learn that AT&T does allow this. In this day and time when crime being comitted by those posing as techs to gain enrty into private homes is increasing in prevalence this shouldn't be allowed. It may be legal but doesnt make it right. Especially the elderly community are at high risk of being taken advantage of. It leads me to believe you dont care and will do whatever it takes to have customers switch providers. It is a very aggressive sales tactic. I have been with Time Warner, now Spectryum and have never experienced this with them in 14 yrs! This is now the third time a Uverse tech or rep has come to my door and blatanly ignored the NO SOLICITING SIGN!

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